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Meet a Teacher: Here’s Amy

Posted by on May 5, 2019 in carson city yoga studio, meet a teacher | 4 comments

This month in our meet a teacher series, we introduce you to Amy, the owner of Carson City Yoga. You may know Amy from classes, and she is usually your first contact when you reach out to the studio for more information. Amy’s primary job is to hold the studio steady as it grows in to what it wants to be, and to provide support to teachers and students in the process. Read on to learn more about Amy… CCY: Let’s start with a bit of background – when and how did you come to yoga? Amy: Well, it’s been a long and winding road. My very first yoga class was a college class in the early...

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Meet a Teacher: Mary Kay Raponi

Posted by on Mar 31, 2019 in carson city yoga studio, meet a teacher | 3 comments

This month in our Meet a Teacher series, we introduce you to Mary Kay Raponi. Mary Kay started out with Carson City Yoga as co-owner, and was instrumental in making sure many of the business details were handled.  While not new to the world of yoga, she was new at the time to the world of teaching, and so she bravely took on not only a teaching gig, but also stepped into the business world.  As you will find out below, Mary Kay is stepping back from the business aspects now, but will continue to teach and is an integral part of Carson City Yoga.  Read on to learn a bit more about Mary Kay....

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