Your Practice is Calling

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Your Practice is Calling…

(Expanded and adapted from recent CCY instagram posts)

Slowing down is a practice. Slowing down is a function of presence rather than time. Slowing down is not something our society is accustomed to, and… we are being invited in this moment to slow down.

How is it for you these days? Do you feel the anxiety of setting down the busy-ness? Do you feel the frenzy all around you of online activity? Is it possible to step away from all of that and sit for a moment in the stillness?

In the yoga world this week, I have noticed a frenzy as studios and teachers rush to get classes up for live streaming. Online classes, both paid and free, are popping up everywhere. This is not a bad thing (we are putting together offerings here at CCY too), but I wonder…. might it be better for us all to stop for moment, breathe, and notice what is actually happening around us? Might it be useful for us to turn to our practices, and let our actions come from there?

Our yoga practice is called a “practice” because it is meant to teach us, and to give us an opportunity to practice for exactly these kinds of moments. Yoga teaches us resilience, and grounding. It teaches us to be present in the moment, to watch our reactions, and then to step back and listen so that we can respond with more equanimity, and more presence.

Slowing down helps us to create a bit of distance from the immediacy of stress. If we can pause, and look deeply at what is happening, maybe we can steady ourselves, and respond in a way that serves not only us, but also those around us who are needing assistance.

Sometimes, immediate action is required. Or for whatever reason, we can’t stop. This is where our practice really serves us. If we practice wisely, and well, then we are more prepared for urgency. With practice, even in urgent times, there can be a momentary pause, a breath, and then movement can come from deep presence. We can show up in a way that is responsive, rather than reactive.

daffodil in snow

Yogis, your practice is calling. Your inner teacher is waiting for you to settle in and listen. You have been attending classes, learning, experiencing. Now is the time to let your practice guide you. Your practice in the studio has prepared you to take your practice home.

And if you are new to the practice, that’s ok too. It is a hard time to begin, but also a magnificent time to begin. Drop on in to your breath, connect with intuitive movement, listen to your heart. Your inner teacher is here too.

What might happen if we let our practice be full of questions, and not worry too much about the answers? Can we hold our fear and anxiety gently, and with care? Can our practices help us to cultivate compassion and service for those around us who need help?

Today, let your practice unfold without needing to know how it will be. Don’t worry, there is no way to do it wrong. Just pause, and be present; this is enough. Being in the unknown is uncomfortable. And so, be uncomfortable. It’s ok. We are all hanging out in the not-knowing together.

Yogis, be here. This is the time for practice. You are not alone. And you are loved.

Remember your community of trees….. even from a distance, we can stay rooted together.

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  1. God I love you Amy. I want to hold onto this publication forever and place it in the archives of our current time, thank you

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