Welcome and Farewell

Welcome and FareWell ॐ

Dear Friends of Carson City Yoga:  The physical locations for Carson City Yoga closed on August 21st. What a gift to share a yoga practice with you over these past few years, and to build a community of teachers and students who really love the practice. Now the times are changing, and so are we…

Thank you for being a part of the Carson City Yoga community. We are all so grateful for you. The shared classes, the friendships that formed here, the laughter and even the hard times that were shared among students and teachers…. it has been a blessing to grow together here, and to share the deepening of a yoga practice both on and off the mat.

In our society we don’t generally honor endings. We forget that death is an important part of life, and that the only constant is change. True that transitions are not necessarily easy. They can be messy and hard and dark and sticky, but also exciting and juicy and full of possibility. What does it feel like to be the worm or the caterpillar going through the stages of transmutation and then emerging as a moth, or a butterfly?

There is so much going on in the world, and this transition is just a small piece of everything. Here is what we would say to you… Hold steady to your heart, keep the hard places close. Love each other, and let that love guide your choices in the world. Keep practicing, sit in silence, draw strength where you can, and keep on taking your practice off the mat.

As hard as it is, as much sadness as we all feel, the time has come to close our doors and free us all up to move in new directions. Every ending is a new beginning, and along with the sadness we find joy and perhaps some excitement. What is next? What opportunities will arise? What new possibilities can we wonder about? Stay curious, friends, and listen for what might be calling your name.

Be well. Keep practicing. And know that you are so very loved.