Sunday Long Practice

Sunday Morning Long Practice with Molly Dahl

The next Long Practice will once again be available as a live stream practice… from Molly’s location to the comfort of your own home! After you register, you will receive an email with class access details, and suggestions on how to set up your space for an optimal at home practice. Please note the new time – the class will be 2 hours beginning at 10am.

Next Date: Sunday, May 31st
10am – 12pm
Price: sliding scale.. see options in purchase drop down box.

This slow and leisurely Sunday morning yoga practice will gently warm you up and prepare your body and mind for deeper opening and exploration. The class finishes with a lovely guided meditation.

This practice is based on the Tibetan Yoga chakra balancing series, allowing each student to create a smooth flow of balanced, calm energy. The extra time allows you to deepen into each asana in a way that isn’t available in a shorter class. This deepening relaxes and heals body and mind, reversing the effects of anxiety and chronic stress. (We could all use a little of that!)


Purchase Notes:

  • This class is included in the monthly membership package at no extra charge. If this is you, make sure you are logged in, and then register from the calendar page instead of going through the purchase form below. 

  • If you are using a phone or other small screen to make a purchase,  please use this link.