Steve Yochum

Where is he now?

Steve plans to continue his evening class, and will be teaching on the west side in Carson City. If you would like more information from Steve, please check his name on the contact form here, and he will add you to his mailing list.

Steve brings to his teaching an extensive background in yoga and dharma studies, and stays well grounded through his personal practice.   Over the years, he has studied yoga asana with Tim Miller, Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, and Tibetan Heart Yoga with the Yoga Studies Institute, as well as diving in to the dharma (truth) with his teacher, Sumati Marat. He also holds a certificate in positive psychology.

Steve is very skillful in his teaching, and has an ability to figure out who needs to hear what. This often results in students leaving his classes feeling like it was exactly what they needed on that particular day.  Steve teaches with a light heart, a sense of humor, and usually includes teachings from the Into Tibetan texts. His approach offers you the opportunity to embody the deeper teachings of yoga, and to take those teachings off the mat into your life.

“Yoga helps us find that space in our life when there is nothing else to do.
There is nothing to do but be where we are.”

– Steve Yochum