Molly Dahl

Where is she now?

Molly plans to take a break from teaching yoga for a while. To stay in touch with Molly’s work, and to sign up for her email newsletter head over to her website. You can follow Molly on Instagram @mollythedahl, as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn.

A message from Molly:

“Please come into current time with yourself. 
Find your breath. Come into the space of your sacred heart.
Listen on the inside…
Please know how much I love you. Thank you for the time together over the years and months of sharing our practice and our lives. It has been such a pleasure!
You hold a special place in my heart and always will.
The world is a good place, full of good people — all of trying to do our best. 
You get what you look for! So keep an eye out for the good and the beautiful.
Please thank yourself for practicing, for honoring your commitment to yourself.
Please go a little deeper and find a sense of gratitude for who you are — for all the good that do, that you share, that you are. Honor the strength within.
And…Remember to love each other. Please remember to love yourself.”

Molly Dahl loves to teach. She has been teaching one subject or another for over 30 years. Her favorite thing to teach is anything that helps others feel better, feel a sense of purpose, and feel empowered to live life to their fullest.

Molly is a certified Integral Yoga instructor, a certified teacher of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, and an advanced practitioner of Tibetan Heart Yoga, completing a 300 hour teacher training in 2010. She holds a Certificate of Positive Psychology from the Wholebeing Institute and loves to weave the teachings and practices of positive psychology into her yoga and meditation classes.

Molly’s teaching style is slow and thoughtful, allowing students to use the practice as a way to access their inner peace and stillness. Her first yoga teacher, Swami Satchidananda, used the phrase “Easeful. Peaceful. Useful.” Molly has adopted this as the foundation of her teachings, and of her own yoga practice.

In 2016, Molly wrote and published YOUTH Positive, Exploring the Unique Genius of Every 21st Century Adolescent, a collection of the research and practices of positive psychology, mindfulness, and kindness written for teenagers. She teaches mindfulness to school teachers and students around the country. She currently has eight YOUTH Positive schools in Northern Nevada and California.

“When you can be in your body, and physically stand up and put your shoulders back, it affects your neurochemistry. You start being open and available, and you start paying attention, and things start to change.”

Molly Dahl