Mary Kay Raponi

“I have been influenced by teachers who are wise in their understanding of moving the body to honor the divine within. I use my yoga practice to keep calm, strong, and flexible.”

– Mary Kay Raponi

Mary Kay has been practicing yoga in Carson City for over 25 years. She has followed the Siddha Yoga Path since 1990, and most recently completed a Vira Bhava Yoga Teacher Training program under Amy Joytir and Kelly Golden. She continues to study and grow in her understanding of yoga.

Mary Kay spent many years as a special education teacher working with with children. In that world an individual plan is created for each child. Her goal is to teach yoga with that same very individualized approach.  Mary Kay looks forward to sharing yoga with people who want to explore and find the personal benefits of a hatha yoga practice.

You can learn more about Mary Kay in our interview with her here.

“Mary Kay was the first person I met at the Open House in March, 2018.  Since then, I have faithfully attended her Saturday morning classes because her class starts my weekend off with such a good feeling of positivity.  Mary Kay has a warm presence and is a wonderful instructor for both beginners and those yogis who are beyond beginners.  There was a time not too long when Mary Kay said at the end of the class “Do not carry what is not yours to carry.”  I needed to hear that more than anything that day- it met a profound need so I wrote it down and look at it to remind myself.  Mary Kay and Carson City Yoga in general has improved my well-being and given me a sense of calmness and strength I never knew I had.”    –   Kristen R. 

“I attended Mary Kay’s Lunch Time yoga. Loved it. You can sense her attentiveness and non-judgment. I liked that she made us laugh, in a good way.” – Diane S.