Diane Dunn

Diane Dunn

“Yoga links mind and body. Yoga is life, its not separate from life. To me thats always true every day. Its how you treat other people, its how you walk, its how you breathe, and that’s really cool.

– Diane Dunn

Diane has been practicing yoga since 1980, but really paying attention since 2014 when she had a left knee replacement due to arthritis. She has learned to focus and develop her practice to keep her left knee operating as well as possible and to maintain her right knee.

She has studied with Angela Sullivan and Tammie Bigley, MSPT, at Ascent Physical Therapy since 2014. In   2016 she completed basic training in Yoga for the Special Child (a form of Integral Yoga) with Kathy Randolph, and then began teaching at The Yoga Center in Reno, Nevada.  She received her 200 hour teacher training certification from Vira Bhava Yoga under Amy Joytir and Kelly Golden with Angela Sullivan as her mentor in 2017, and registered with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT200. From there she went on to specialize in Yoga for Arthritis under Dr. Stephanie Moonaz, completing basic training with this foremost US specialist in October 2017.

Yoga for Arthritis is Diane Dunn’s passion which grows out of her own experience and practice. Her classes offer a simple yoga with modifications for special needs and an emphasis on the bio-mechanics of yoga and the unification of mind body and spirit. She encourages students to discover how to feel the poses in their own bodies , how to make the practice their own and how to integrate breath, movement and the meditative aspects of yoga.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the eight week workshop “Yoga for Arthritis.” I learned poses that I can adapt to my limitations and when and how to push myself past those limitations. For someone who has health with RA for over 10 years, I felt blessed to not only help myself, but to be strong again.”

– a Yoga for Arthritis student