Cindy Webb

Cindy Webb

Where is she now?

Cindy is taking a short break from teaching, and if she decides to teach again, it will be at Genoa Town Hall.  If you are interested in future workshops, classes and possible travel retreats, Cindy would be happy to add you to her email list. You can send your email through the contact form here.

A message from Cindy:

“My message to everyone is be to take care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually and practice every single day in some way for yourself and others….. that is Yoga. I love Carson City Yoga and YogaSol for creating such a beautiful space for us to thrive in the art, the science, and the practice and love of Yoga, thank You so much…I love you all! You are my teachers ❤️
Big Hug! – Love Cindy “

Cindy has been practicing yoga for 30 years and teaching classes for 20. She is curious by nature, which lead her to reading and studying yoga before practicing on the mat. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” – and when she was finally ready, Bea McDonald from Boston became her teacher.

Cindy’s classes have included teaching Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga classes. Her intention for each class is to help students learn to listen to their body, deepen the quality of attention to the breath, strengthen the muscles, stimulate the systems of the body and realize their full potential with the practice and teachings of yoga.

“I am grateful for my teachers BKS Iyengar, Ana Forrest, Seane Corn, Bea McDonald and my students.”