Amy Smith

Where is she now?

Amy plans to take a much needed break through the month of September. There is a possibility she may return to teach a live stream class or two… nothing set in stone yet, but stay tuned. If you would like to recieve info from Amy about future happenings, please use the contact form here, and she will add you to her individual mailing list. You can also follow Amy on Instagram @amysgj , and she is sometimes on Facebook.


A message from Amy:

“I keep telling you all that you don’t need a studio, or props, or a teacher outside of yourself. Now is the time to prove it. Please take your practice home. Get curious, explore different movements. Let go of the structure and of the way you think it should be. Allow your practice, and your breath, to lead. Use your practice on the mat to learn, to go deeper, to discover who you really are, and then take it off the mat. Your inner teacher knows exactly what to do, and you know how to take it in to the world. Please be kind to yourself, and remember that the whole world is your community. The world needs your beautiful heart.

Be well. Be Happy. I love you.”

Amy is the director of Carson City Yoga, holding the studio steady as it grows into what it needs to be. She brings a passion for quality, community, and education to the studio.

Amy has been practicing yoga in one form or another for most of her adult life, and the practices of asana, meditation, and breath have kept her grounded, centered, and (mostly) sane through the chaos of life.  She comes to yoga with a strong background in anatomy and physiology, and a long career in massage & bodywork, structural integration, and personal fitness.

Amy is registered with the Yoga Alliance as a 500 hour RYT (registered yoga teacher) and a YACEP (yoga alliance continuing education provider).  She has owned and operated her own massage and yoga businesses for over 20 years now.  She has additional experience leading 200 hour yoga teacher trainings, and assisting in the creation of training curriculum.

Amy’s yoga classes are informed by her deep studies in Buddhist, tantric, and contemplative traditions, and infused with a deep sense of presence.  As an accessible yoga ambassador, she believes yoga should be available to all people, in all body shapes, sizes, genders, and colors. As such, her approach is eclectic, and instruction is individualized to student needs.  Learning and teaching with an open heart, she believes classes should be fun as well as educational. 

“The practice of yoga does not stop with ourselves. The practice of yoga, ultimately, is to open ourselves, and to bring the practice of love and compassion into the world. If it is just about our little individual ego selves, then it becomes self serving and egocentric. Of course, that’s all ok, and that’s a great place to start. When we begin to drop in to this awakening of self acceptance, and of inner love and compassion, we can’t help but bring it in to the world. And that’s the work of yoga. It’s kind of radical. To face the suffering head on, and to love – not just in spite of the suffering, but because of it.”

– Amy S