“Kick Ass Yoga”

Kick Ass Yoga with Steve


Add some fun to your Tuesday evenings with this challenging and creative yoga class! In this “Meditation for Type A People” you will experience a moving meditation that is strong, powerful, and fun. Kick Ass Yoga can be modified to meet various needs. If you have a good awareness of your body and are willing to take responsibility for how you move, you will find many ways to modify and use props, thus making the class available to all different levels.

Steve teaches these yoga classes with a light heart and a twist of dharma. His approach offers you the opportunity to embody the deeper teachings of yoga, and to take those teaching off the mat into your life. Be curious, be brave, and let this class begin to transform your experience of yoga!


I started going to Steve’s KickAss Yoga class probably 12+ years ago and I keep coming back because the class is very physically challenging (you WILL sweat!) and also because of the dharma talks. I have learned many important life lessons and my practice has improved immensely… so it’s win-win! Steve is very welcoming and the class is FUN!
– from happy student Andie Wilson


Teacher: Steve Yochum
Location: Carson St Studio
Tuesdays 5:30-7pm