Morning Flow with Rosemary

rosemary morning flowMorning Flow with Rosemary

NOTE: This class is taking a break through July and August. We will be back in September! 


Sweet Early Morning Flow in the middle of your week!

Start your Wednesday with an energizing warm body flow. Warm up from the inside out, build energy, and find the ebbs and flow of your movement with your breath. This class takes you right to your edge, then properly brings you back to safely transition to your next pose.

Sometimes the flow is more energetic, sometimes we slow down to play with the poses, and always we adjust the flow to meet our needs. At times, we may play with props and get creative with the flow, or, once warmed up and prepared, we might open to the possibility of back bends or inversions.

The true focus in this class is to find the dance that is waiting to be released within your practice. Whatever that looks like, and however the class unfolds, bring your sense of play and adventure, and be open to the possibilities of your day!

Some experience with yoga is suggested. Modifications and props will be included to ensure all students have a joyful experience.

Location: Carson St Studio
Teacher: Rosemary Orantes