Diane Sigala

Where is she now?

Diane stayed with us as administrative assistant and provided much needed support through most of the covid shut down. She has now moved on, and is turning her attention to her writing and other joys of life. We are grateful for her support through the many ups and downs of studio life!

Diane Sigala is our Administrative Assistant and a member of Carson City Yoga’s Advisory Board.  Diane comes to CCY from the performing arts. With an extensive background in dance, she taught classical ballet, tap dance, and anatomy for dancers. She studied with Geri Houlihan of the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, the African dance company, Ko Thi, and tap dancer, the late Gregory Hines. Diane finds her yoga practice to be an essential part of staying strong, flexible, and focused.

Diane has also been an American Sign Language interpreter for thirty years, interpreting for the U.S. Navy, medical and civic environments, and college classes.

For Diane, dancing, interpreting, and yoga are all ways the body connects to the greater good. Dance expresses stories and emotion through the body. Sign language uses the hands and face to communicate language and promote human connection. And yoga brings peace and calm as it supports the connection between body, mind, and spirit.

While Diane does not currently teach classes, she is an integral part of the studio. She can often be seen around the studio offering assistance and a smile, and her administrative support helps us all serve you better!

“I appreciate how yoga offers a gentle discipline of the body. Yoga enables me to move with intention and strength while being easy on my joints and respectful of my body’s limitations. After attending any of the CCY classes, I feel at-ease and rejuvenated. Yoga feels like a gift for the spirit.”

– Diane S