Practicing at Home: Creative Props

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We are six weeks in to practicing at home… how is it going for you? Some of you have been coming to the live stream classes, and it is so great to see your happy faces there. Others of you are practicing at home, or maybe exploring what it means to practice at home.

What is a home practice? Is it all about movement? Can it be meditation? Can a home practice be approaching your gardening with a mindful sense of presence?

Yes to all of that. Yoga is not just about being on your mat in a studio. In fact, stepping away from the studio gives you an opportunity to explore your practice in a new way. There is much we can say about yoga off the mat, but for the purposes of this post, we will talk about the physical practice.

What does it feel like to get on your mat, just because you want to? And how does your body move when there is no instruction outside of you? When we first begin a home practice, we often hear our teachers voices in our heads, and follow movements and routines that we know well.

But if you keep at it…. your body will begin to move in new and different ways. Your breath begins to guide your body, or vice versa. Your inner teacher will begin to emerge. If you are willing to sit with not knowing how to do your practice, then your practice will lead you into a new way of knowing.

From a purely practical perspective, doing yoga on your mat at home is messy. There’s dog hair, or cat hair, and invariably, the critters will want to join you in your practice. Same goes for kiddos, if you have little ones. And then there are the other family members, and dishes in the sink, and lint on the rug that suddenly is so important to clean up… and a million other reasons that practicing at home is hard. A home practice navigates all of that. Which means, maybe your practice is 5 minutes, or 20, or two. Maybe it is in the garden, or maybe it is in your bedroom. You do what you can.

What about props? Need a mat? Nah, not really. You can do a tree pose at your kitchen sink, or a cat-cow spine release wherever you happen to be sitting. If you have carpet, maybe a simple beach towel on the floor serves as your mat. If you have floors without carpet, forget the mat altogether, and just practice in bare feet. You can also get creative with props…. books for blocks, pillows for bolsters, a bathrobe tie for a strap. Look around… there is lots you can do. See the video below for some prop ideas.

And don’t worry. Yoga practice at home is messy. There is no right or wrong way. Just do what you can do, and see where it takes you!

What creative item have you discovered that works well for a prop?

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  1. Loved this reflection of my day that began with a blank page in a new journal, moved into exploration of unstructured time and questions,with anticipation minus fear, of what life without familiar patterns could be. Loved the reassurance that sitting with not knowing is a path.

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