Chakrapani Singh In Concert

Chakrapani Singh and Peter Fairley


Come and delight in this unique musical evening with Chakrapani Singh and Peter Fairley. Chakrapani plays a 35-string “Kachaapi Veena” (a North Indian slide guitar), along with Tabla player, Peter Fairley.


Reno-based Chakrapani Singh has been working to promote the music of India for the last 20 years. Singh is an award-winning and internationally respected instrumentalist with a unique repertoire ranging from traditional, classical compositions on the slide guitar to his innovative improvisational renditions on the Kachappi Veena, a plucked stringed instrument originating in ancient India.

In his hands, the veena creates sweet and sensuous music that transports the listener to another world. Be it at his highly acclaimed Indian classical music recitals or his rave-reviewed world music concerts, this maverick musician leaves every music lover spell-bound with his flashes of unparalleled brilliance and his uncanny ability to strike an instant rapport with the audiences transcending all age barriers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share an evening of music with Chakrapani and Peter!


  • Concert Details:chakrapani flyer
    • Saturday, September 8th, 6pm
    • Location: Carson City Yoga – 305 N Carson St, #202
    • $30  Advance Purchase – Purchase Below  – or $35 at the door