Streaming Class Schedule

Join us Live Online! While our in-studio classes are cancelled for the time being, we are offering a limited number of live streaming classes.  This is a great option to connect with each other and the CCY teachers online. The class schedule may change weekly based on the availability of our teachers, so check back for any new additions.


05/01/20 Important Notice: We use the Zoom app for our live stream classes. Zoom is upgrading to Version 5.0 with improved security.  In order to access our classes,  you must upgrade your zoom app to the most recent version no later than May 30th. To download the latest version, go here, or update through the app store for your phone or tablet.

You may use your membership or package credits for these classes, or you may choose a reduced rate if that fits your needs right now.  See our note on the pricing/purchase page. Any amount offered will allow us to pay the teachers for their time, and we thank you for your support.

To register for and access these live streaming classes:

  • You must be logged in to your account.
    • If you have never created a password for your account through Tula (the software integrated in our system) you will need to do so in order to access the broadcast link. Go to your log in page to complete the process.
  • Click Sign up and pay.
    • If you have credits in your account, you will be registered and will by-pass the payment form. If you do not have credits, an option will pop up to choose your payment.
  • View Broadcast on the day and time of class.
    • Prior to the class, you will need to download the Zoom app on your computer or device.  Class will be streamed through the zoom platform.
    • After you register, you will see an option to de-register, and below that you will see a View Broadcast link.  At the time of the class, click on that link and it will take you directly to the zoom classroom.
    • Note: If you are registering well in advance of the class, the view broadcast may not show up immediately. It will be there by the day of the class, and you will see it if you are logged in.  You may need to refresh your browser after logging in.
    • Additional Note: The link may disappear right after the class starts, so be sure and check in at least a few minutes prior to start time.

We are all working out this technology together, so please be patient with us and yourself, and if you have any questions contact us. We will help however we can! The first time you attend a live-stream class, we suggest arriving early so you have time to orient to the technology and the process. We look forward to seeing you online.


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