An Equinoctial Wandering, by Molly Dahl

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Equinox = Equal length of night and day

Of dark
Of light.
The cyclical rhythm of
The dance,
The celestial equator
Intersecting with the great galactic ellipse.

Honor the dark
Be in her home, quiet and still.
Rejoice in the light
Expanding in her growth, in her life.
The balance of your own dark beauty,
Your own radiant light.
The cycles and revolutions of time
Forever changing
Forever fluid
The counterbalancing act
Of every six moons that pass,
We move with her, in our own wheel
Of harmonizing effort and grace.

Now we walk in light,
Powerful and radiant,
Expanding and growing,
Nurturing self and others.

For a time
Until the corona,
The wheel,
Tips us back
Over the lip of light
Into a barely noticeable
Slide back into darkness.

Let your light shine
As you radiate your own truth and beauty.

~ Vernal Equinox Poem by Molly Dahl 3/19/20

One Comment

  1. Beautiful! Light and darkness in each of our souls….celebrating them both❤️

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